Import Sample Content

Importing sample content into a fresh theme just installed can save lots of time creating your website. Pre-built pages, posts, and images can give a significant head start and also demonstrate how to create posts and pages using all the theme’s features. If you wish to import sample content from…

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Child Theme

If you plan to modify the theme’s files, you should use a child theme for your website. Any modifications should be made into the Child theme by overriding Kheera’s files. In that way, you won’t miss any important update of the theme and your modifications won’t reset after a theme update. You…

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General Settings

You can customize the blog’s general settings by navigating to Appearance>Customize>General Settings.   Blog Layout You can have different Layouts for the home page and all the other pages of the blog. You can Set Up the Home page layout choosing one of the 5 options available Full-Width Layout List…

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Header Options

Header Options can be updated through customizer. Navigate to Appearance > Customize Header Layout There are 3 available sliders to choose from 3 Post slider, 2 Post Slider, and Full Header Slider You can also disable the header top bar. By doing so social media icons, hidden sidebar and the…

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Typography Settings

You can set the blog typography options using WordPress Customizer. Select Appearance>Customize>Typography Settings. In Typography Settings you can select the fonts for the heading, the post content and the navigation & Buttons fonts of your blog. There are over 800 fonts available from Google Fonts Library. There is also the option…

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Color Settings

The theme is using a master color feature which enables to change the colors of multiple elements at once. You can set the blog color options using WordPress Customizer. Navigate to Appearance>Customize>Color Settings.   After choosing your main color you can set the text color (for elements that use the main color…

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