Anorya 1.1.0 Update

Anorya Wordpress Theme

We released 1.1.0 update for Anorya Theme. It’s the first major update of the theme adding new features and fixing several issues.   New Features We added a new slider layout. This new layout displays 2 posts instead of the standard layout displaying 3 posts. You can set the slider…

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Free Themes Support

free themes support

When building new themes we always perform broad tests to make sure everything works properly. Even though our tests are extensive, they are not foolproof. Sometimes we miss bugs, or themes are used in ways we didn’t imagine. That’s why we offer free themes support. We mostly use support tickets…

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Anorya 1.0.6 Update

Anorya Wordpress Theme

  We launched Anorya 1.0.6 update last week.  It was mostly about fixing licensing and other minor issues, in order to make the theme compliant with WordPress Guidelines.   We updated the theme’s screenshot and several images from sample data available to make sure all images are licensed under Creative…

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Kheera 1.0.2 Update

kheera WordPress Theme

  We just launched the 1.0.2 Update for Kheera Theme. It’s a minor update focused on bug fixing. We fixed several WooCommerce Bugs, made several CSS fixes and updated FontAwesome to the latest version.   Woocommerce Fixes We fixed several bugs preventing some Customizer Option to apply. Especially Number of…

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Manual Theme Update

manual theme update

There is no need to highlight how important it is to update your website’s theme as soon as a newer version is available. It’s not only about getting the latest features and fixes. Most of the time, these updates are about fixing security issues making your website vulnerable. Normally theme…

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Hello World?

Hello World Reborn Themes - what's this all about

It’s not an easy task to write the first post in a new blog.  There are so many ideas and lots of topics to choose from. We struggled a bit, but we finally figured it out. This first post should be about what is about.   So, what’s this…

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