Anorya 1.1.0 Update

We launched 1.1.0 Update. You can download it here

Anorya 1.1.0 Update

We launched 1.1.0 Update. You can download it here

We released 1.1.0 update for Anorya Theme. It’s the first major update of the theme adding new features and fixing several issues.


New Features

We added a new slider layout. This new layout displays 2 posts instead of the standard layout displaying 3 posts.

anorya 1.1.0 update 2 posts slider

You can set the slider layout from the theme’s customizer settings. From more information check the knowledge base for Anorya.

We also updated the theme’s html5 markup, adding semantic microdata, to improve search results and in order for search engine crawlers to annotate the website’s content.



We addressed an issue about the slider and promo boxes when a static page was selected as the front page of a website. In the 1.1.0 version, both the slider and promo-boxes will be displayed properly.

In addition, we fixed some CSS bugs and updated the jetpack compatibility file.
We also fixed the footer widgets layout, in responsive medium screen devices (mostly tablets), to eliminate the empty space created.

You can download Anorya 1.1.0 Update here. In case you are already using the theme you can update it from your WordPress Dashboard.

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